Shivam Online Education is one of the India's pioneer organizations for conducting online examination and assessment services for academic institutions, government organizations, and various corporate entities.

With the purpose of scheduling online examinations for various clients, we provide our services from our head office located in Patparganj Industrial Area. Having our test centers in different parts of the country, we schedule different examinations with the major presence in Delhi/NCR region.

We support the examination needs of clients from scheduling the tests to  conducting tests, evaluating tests, and processing the results for various entrance examinations. In order to do so, Shivam Online Education has invested extensively in technology to offer high quality and reliable computer based examinations for all its clients.

With the purpose of supporting numerous facets of examination, we have an expertise for all the requirements and our innovative services help clients achieve their goals in an efficient way.

We provide platform to people who want to analyze and enhance their skills and abilities in their respective fields. No matter what the level is, the candidates are allowed to perform self-analysis in order to check their eligibility for any kind of government exam or academic related examinations.

Our efficient test development and test delivery solutions has assisted millions of people to enhance their careers in order to achieve great heights professionally.

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  • Narender S. Manral

    Narender S. Manral