One of the most significant and unique services that we conduct is online caliber testing. The service aims towards checking the caliber of the candidate regarding the subject associated with academic, government entrance exams, or any corporate entity. We offer caliber testing service in two aspects.

The first aspect is when an organization makes a candidate appear in the online caliber test.  Our experts, in line with the job profile, create a required testing program just to examine the skills and abilities of a candidate for the job position in question.skills-testing2

The result of the assessment determines the caliber of the candidate which allows an organization to take an appropriate decision regarding the hiring of a candidate. Many of the organizations, nowadays, are adopting the approach just to ensure the selection of a right and deserving candidate.

Another aspect is when an individual wants to analyze the level of his ability. Yes! You can undergo the procedure to determine your caliber in any educational subject, or any kind of competitive entrance exam. Moreover, you can also appear in the test to analyze your skills for the desired job profile. The process will, however, will provide the assessment results which allows you to examine the things  in order to improve further.

The technology oriented assessment at Shivam Online Education allows you to obtain instant results, thus letting you know your caliber in the various aspects of examination.