Being known for the implementation and assessment of various entranceĀ  examinations, Shivam Online Education has its centers located in different regions of India. Along with theĀ  head office located in Delhi/NCR region, all the available online examination centers of Shivam Online Education are well equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities.


At Shivan Online Education, we strive to use the latest techniques and technologies just to make the examination process easier for the candidates. Apart from conducting the examinations for our own purpose, we give our online examination centers at rent as well. No matter what the type of organization is, we provide them at rent to various educational institutions, government organizations, and business related firms.


In addition to focus on providing good infrastructure and Internet connectivity, Shivam Online Education has successfully implemented the significant security standards associated with high stakes examinations in India.


The well organized system of Shivam Online Education allows us to manage several online examinations at different places simultaneously. The several online examination centers of Shivam Online Education involves the wide range of IT infrastructure including desktops, laptops, notebooks, and many more. Moreover, we make use of several brands that go well with the budget and the technical requirements of the client.